About Frosty Eye

This page is all about Frosty Eye


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flash Animation
  • Site Maps, Wireframes, flat screens etc
  • Content Management Systems (Joomla, Mambo etc)
  • Graphics Design
  • Databases (MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle etc)
  • Data Analysis and Schema Design
  • Programming – PHP, ASP, VB, VBA,  Client Side Scripting (JavaScript etc), Java
  • Website Building (e-commerce, online shops, product display, self/company promotion)
  • On-line marketing (newsletters, e-mail lists)
  • Subscriptions
  • Intranets / Thin-client applications
  • Specification, supply, implementation  of servers and client workstations
  • Networks, routers, cabling infrastructure
  • Office systems design and implementation  (Word / Excel  automation)
  • Hosting, Domain name registration, Backups etc
  • On-going content management
  • Business and Systems Analysis